We design & manufacture all our products in house. Most of them are born from a requirement by our customers. Our current line of products focusses on packhouse solutions and process control applications. These include simple ethernet terminals for HMI, large smart terminals, serial and ethernet based process controllers. Most devices communicate via a high level JSON language, but Modbus is also supported.

Example of existing pack house applications:

  1. Carton weighing and labelling
  2. SOLAS stations
  3. Carton Palletizing
  4. Forklift terminals
  5. Bin staging for pre-sort plant
  6. Large screen operator terminals
  7. Radio based temperature monitoring and logging

Example of process control applications:

  1. LAN based I/O control
  2. HTTP integrated I/O controller
  3. MQTT publish and subscribe I/O
  4. TCP/IP based multi source/event I/O control
  5. MODBUS serial & TCP
  6. Serial & USB attached I/O control
  7. Remote I/O control via radio