The Robot-T410 is a small industrial terminal with a metal housing, colour LCD screen and touch support. It has various communications ports to connect to the outside world. It has a robust enclosure making it suited for harsh environments like factories. It features a resistive touch screen for factory workers with gloves, but the navigation keys are capacitive touch to add robustness to the prodcut.

Typical Applications

The device is a small terminal and well suited for such applicaitons:

  • Wi-Fi connected forklift terminal
  • Quality control point
  • Fruit weithing and QC point
  • SOLAS station
  • Mini desktop
  • Carton labelling

Technical Details

Below is a list of basic technical details,


The Robot T410 makes use of a Shiratech At-501 system on module that plugs into a SO-DIMM 200 connector. The module carries the MPU, RAM and NAND Flash.


  • embedded MPU based on the ARM¬© Cortex¬©-A5 processor @ 536 MHz
  • 32 Kbyte Data Cache, 32 Kbyte Instruction Cache, Virtual Memory System Architecture (VMSA)
  • Fully Integrated MMU and Floating Point Unit (VFPv4)


  • DDR2 32-bit 256MB @ 166MHz
  • NAND Flash 256 MB


  • One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Media Access Controller (EMAC) with Passive Power Over Ethernet Input 0-32V DC. Terminated on a RJ45 socket
  • Wifi 2.4GHz. Currently the only available band
  • Two RS232 Serial Port with +5V power output to power hand held scanner with power control support from user space. Terminated in a RJ45 socket
  • Two Internal USB Masters with power control from user space. Terminated into headers and require an extension cable
  • One Internal USB Slave port. USB Mini-B connector
  • One 8-bit general purpose I/O port terminated in a IDC10 male box header
  • One Multi-Communications port including I2C, SPI and serial terminated in a IDC10 male box header

The RoboX-S100 is installed in an SCAME IP56 box with clear lid. The box is splash proof and suitable for outside installation, but preferably not in direct sunlight.

All cables enters the box through glands at the bottom suitable for power, USB, serial, optical-inputs and relays.

Communications Ports

Three serial communication ports are available to connect to the device. 1 x RS232 port terminated in a RJ45 socket, 1 x RS485 available on screw terminals and a USB port terminated into a standard USB type B socket.

  • 1 x LAN supporting passive POE
  • 2 x RS232
  • 1 x USB slave
  • 2 x USB host
  • 1 x Multi serial port (I2C / TX/RX / SPI)


The Robot has an internal 8-bit general purpose I/O port

  • 8 x I/O lines

Status LEDs

Located at the top row of the RoboX S100 PCB various status LEDs are located. They help to quickly identify its status related to inputs, outputs and communications.g inputs will be configured during assembly. Select the correct version according to the part number.

  • RS232 RX/TX LED
  • RS485 RX/TX LED

Operating System & Software

Linux and Windows 32/64 bit is supported. For Windows a special driver INF file is needed, but in both cases makes use of a standard communication class driver (CDC). The RoboX family has a special Java application to configure the device, like a serial port BAUDRATE, data bits and parity. Other relevant information can be retrieved from the device with this application

  • Microsoft Windows 32/64 bit
  • Linux 32/64 bit

Communications Protocols

Currently MODBUS Slave RTU and XML for RoboX are supported. Please contact Radical-ES if you like additional protocol support.

  • XML for RoboX

Software Development

A Java library is provided to accelerate integrating the RoboX device into your software application. If you require assistance with software development please contact Radical-ES with you need. Because the interface is standard serial and XML it is simply to extend any scripting language or programming language to control the RoboX device.

  • JAVA Library supporting Microsoft Windows & Linux.
  • Scripting Languages


The RoboX S100 is available in 3 models

  • RBX-S100 - 8 relays, 8 optical isolated inputs
  • RBX-S100V - 8 relays, 8 optical isolated inputs, 4 analog inputs +- 10V
  • RBX-S100A - 8 relays, 8 optical isolated inputs, 4 analog inputs 0-20 mA


The links below provides the manual for the RoboX S100, programming software and latest firmware.

Additional Support

Please feel free to contract us if you require additional support to the product.