ITPC100 Custom Keyboard Maps

Programming the Keyboard Controller with a different keymap

ITPC100 Keypad

The ITPC100 keyboard controller can except different keymaps depending on the client's needs. For instance the requirement can be to only have functions keys or numbers. By default the keyboard is fully functional, but can be restricted to specific keys.

For custom keymaps please contact us.

Hardware Required


The ITPC100 keymap Micro Controller is an Atmel AtxMega32A4U AVR 8 RISC MCU. A special programmer form Atmel is required to program a new firmware map. The programmer connect to the ITPC100 controller board's PDI port, which is a standard 6 pin IDC connector located at the right hand top corner. The connector is designated CON7 and mark ATPDI.

The programmer can be purchased from the Atmel Store.

Software Required

Various parts of software are required

  1. Download the Atmel Programming Backend from here.
  2. Download Atmel USB driver package from here.
  3. Download Microsoft VC 2008 Redistributable from here.
  4. Download programming script files from here.

Installation Procedure

  1. Install USB driver and make sure the Atmel AVRISP MKII programmer is detected.
  2. Install Visual C Redistributable package if needed.
  3. Extract Atmel Programming Backend to a c:\Atmel\atbackend folder for instance
  4. Extract programming script files to c:\Atmel\itpc100


Connect the AVRISP MkII to the ITPC100 controller by connecting it to the IDC6 connector. Take note of the orientation of the connector, of which the red line of the cable must line up with the dot mark right at the connector.

Open a command prompt at c:\Atmel\itpc100.

Verify the connection

c:\Atmel\itpc100>prog info

Which should return information about the processor. If this does not make sure the programmer driver is installed correctly.

Program Standard HID

c:\Atmel\itpc100>prog HID all

This will program the HID firmware, verify and reset the processor.

During this cycle the ITPC100 USB HID will disconnect and reconnect when the firmware has been programmed successfully.

More firmware options include: HIDCDC & HIDCDCIO

Program HIDCDC - HID and CDC support

The serial port is used to emit scanned transaction data when a RFID scanner or i-Button is connected to the controller.

c:\Atmel\itpc100>prog HIDCDC all

Program HIDCDCIO - HID, CDC and IO support

The controller board can take a peripheral board with relays and opto-isolaters.

c:\Atmel\itpc100>prog HIDCDCIO all