We have a wide range of clients to whom we offer various services. Our own products are widely used in the pack house industry. We do specialize in software development, which includes Windows and Linux Drivers, embedded software for Atmel products, Texas Instruments and Freescale.


Sundays River Citrus

SRCC LogoSundays River Citrus Company (SRCC) is the largest citrus packer in the southern Africa. They run more than 600 of our Robot T200 spread over their various pack houses. All these are connected to power over ethernet (POE) network and serves many packers all season long. SRCC also use our Wifi variant, the Robot T201. This version is mounted on a forklift and is specifically used in the moving of pallets. A scale and scanner is connected to the T201 and XML transanction are generated when a barcode is scanned.